History, family and tradition

Fresh products since 1920

It was in the year 1980, that a farmer and his family started the freshest and the very best in natural crop growing. From planting a seed to nurturing and growing the crop with the care it deserved, it soon transformed into an entire crop, a tradition that has been maintained across the last few decades. Unsurpassed in quality and unmatched in flavor, we have maintained the beauty of our produce in honor of our strong family values.

5 Brothers was the result of incredible dedication, passion, hard work and a commitment to learning about the best farming solutions. It was about maintaining a family bond and treating every one of our employees, customers and more as part of an extended family. Our goal was to share our values and our solutions with those who shared in our vision for the freshest crop production. Today, the incredible labor and traditions that started in 1980 remain prominent and prevalent at 5 Brothers Produce. We believe there is only one way of growing farm produce and that is the natural way. Straight from seed in our beautifully farmed fields, every crop is nurtured to provide your family and customers only the best in whole foods.

When 5 Brothers Produce started, it was with the aim of providing local communities freshly home-grown crops. With more people and clients realizing the incredible benefits of fresh grown produce, we soon started expanding to deliver shipments of fruits and vegetables beyond our borders. The company possesses an incredible team of hard-working staff who all believe in the values of 5 Brothers Produce.

We decided to invest in a family business that focuses on quality. We are committed to bringing our traditions and our new methods of farming to the fore. Our purpose is to deliver healthy produce to your tables with incredible flavors, colors and more. We are the professionals you can rely on for healthy and natural crops for every family.

At 5 Brothers Produce, we carefully evaluate the needs of our customers and go the extra mile to deliver incredible services you can depend on. With an incredible passion for health and wellness, we share our crops with the world.