Food Safety


5 Brothers Produce is your trusted and reliable farming business that is certified in the production of FDA approved growth, harvesting and the packaging of the freshest foods. We comply with safety standards in the industry to bring only the healthiest fruits and vegetables to our customers. We maintain the highest quality standards to control the risk of contamination from bacteria and pathogens that would compromise the freshness and value of our produce. Our agricultural practices ensure that every crop and every shipment is safe for human consumption. 

Our professional team evaluates every part of the crop growing process to ensure that the best produce is grown and delivered. From the biological condition of our soil to routine water testing, every element that goes into our produce is managed to the highest possible standards. We believe in growing our produce from seed and maintain natural conditions for these purposes. We ensure the equipment, tools, packaging and processing of foods are in accordance with the necessary industry standards.

We apply safety practices and processes to uphold the confidence our customers have in our farming methods and in the quality of our produce. We take every care to ensure you only receive our very best produce and services no matter what the size or requirement of your order. You can have peace of mind that the produce you receive has been checked and re-checked in line with industry standards. Our services include adherence to regulation in the transport of the freshest produce.

We assist major brands and business with its produce requirements in accordance with FDA regulations. We are certified to provide wholesale foods for mass markets. As professional growers, packers and distributors, we pay attention to the finest details incorporating the best management and quality control. Our aim is to assure businesses that the produce we provide will be of tremendous benefit to their customers and to their business. Do not compromise on value, quality and integral hygiene standards in compliance with agricultural and food industry requirements. We deliver unparalleled quality in the health and the safety interests for every customer.

Healthy land and 100% quality