Who We are

At 5 Brothers Produce we believe in providing the freshest, flavorsome and crisp vegetables straight from our farm to your table. With almost 40 years of experience in the farming and produce industry, we know our zucchini from our squash and ensure that our customers receive the highest quality wholesome foods. Growing our produce from seed, we use 100% natural ingredients and solutions delivering it straight to your door.

We Believe That Fresh is Best

5 Brothers Produce is a Family Owned Business. We Believe in Valuable, Quality and Impressive Services You Can Trust.  We grow our crops from carefully maintained fields without genetically modified ingredients.  Having established our core family values and services, we maintain our professionalism and passion for natural produce in every farming project and initiative we have the privilege of managing. Supported by an incredible team who believes in our passion for the healthiest crops, we continue to learn and discover how to deliver the best quality produce you and your family will cherish.

Our Focus is on Quality

We stick to our family traditions because it has proven most effective in providing the freshness and the flavor you need and deserve. Do not compromise on the quality of your vegetables. Trust a name that has a long-standing tradition in developing the healthiest and the strongest natural crops in the farmers markets. We guarantee the quality of our produce.

The Healthiest Produce You Can Trust

With genetically modified and chemically laden foods donning the shelves at the store, you may be hard pressed to find safe and healthy produce for you and your family. At 5 Brothers Produce, our farm fresh vegetables stand for quality you can depend on. From young growing minds to adults, our foods are high in nutrition and low in synthetics that alter the state of crops as you know it.

The Very Best Customer Support

From bulk shipments to smaller orders, we package every produce order with the care it deserves. We ensure that every crop is managed delicately to prevent the delivery of bruised and tattered foods. Whether you place your order with us on the last minute or need specialized packaging, we are here to help you find the right produce for your needs.

Place Your Shipment with Us Today

As a professional and an experienced family business, we develop specialized tracking services and solutions for your needs. Now you have the chance to experience fresh produce at its finest! Simply contact us at 5 brothers Produce and become a part of our incredible family legacy.

Choose 5 Brothers Produce, Where We Are 5 Times the Quality, the Freshness and the Flavor.

What We Do

We are the reliable distributors of fresh crops to our trusted retailers and more in Homestead, Panhandle of Florida, Georgia, and the Smokey mountains of Crossville, Tennesse.

Our goal is to continue to grow the finest and freshest crops in the farming industry and deliver to your table. We possess incredible farm fields and a processing facility where we prepare every crop before it is shipped. This ensures the highest quality foods are maintained and we can continue to deliver healthy vegetables that you can rely on.

If you need specialized and customized packaging, we are the ones to call. Our services include fully custom solutions to ensure the needs of our clients are met. At 5 Brothers Produce, we maintain seasonal provision of our crops. This ensures that you receive produce at its very best with a fair shelf life in our unique packaging. Our aim is to continue to deliver crops that are valuable and affordable, and our seasonal farming services help us achieve this and more